“Café Talk”

The three of us has participated in the 2014 Citizenship Camp organized by YAV. Since then, we became more and more involved in the community services from taking part in several associations such as : Interact , LEO … , to becoming human rights trainers . We are now working on a new project which is TEDxBebDiwén.

We always try to keep in touch with our community through debates or even daily chats. We do our best to listen and try to figure out a solution for the society problems. To find an idea for this project, we interviewed some teenagers that we know or even stranger ones from the street about what is the main issue that our society is suffering from and what they think we should do to make our community a better place.

One of the most common issues mentioned by them is that teenagers are not really involved in the community which makes them an inactive and unproductive part in the society. Besides , most of the people that we interviewed think that the cause of the fact that teenagers are not active enough is that they have a lot of lost time which is spent usually in Cafés. We asked ourselves then: Why don’t we make cafés a more interesting place dedicated to express our opinion about subjects that matter for the community and to debate on important issues. The debates will be organized by the project team. We chose to name our project: Café Talk.

The special thing about our project is that it is inspired from the society and built to serve the community. That’s why our team is excited to work on this project and to make it real. We strongly believe that if our project can make our community a better place within a couple of years!