Article about ‘ illegal immigration’

Illegal immigration, also called clandestine immigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that is contrary to the immigration laws of the destination country. In general an undocumented immigrant (also called illegal immigrant) is a person who enters and remains in a country without a valid visa or permit from that country.
Unfortunately; this catastrophic phenomenon becomes common now days especially in the region of Bizerte.
This virus continues destroying the bases of our society day after day.
“We don’t desert our country unless our country deserts us” that was the slogan (motto) of the majority of immigrants.
“Dad, I’ve no future here” these were the last words of all immigrants. So; as a conclusion; illegal immigration is a tragic result of a lot of social accumulations: first of all, poverty is the main cause of illegal immigration. Each immigrant wants to exceed the misery part and reach to a wealthy life full of opportunities to achieve his own goals, yet , all those dreams vanish as soon as opens his eyes on his tragic reality where the strongest burkes the weakest, where no place for humanity, mercy or hope.

So , consequently he chooses to drop out from his realty hoping to reach a better life. He tries to maintain but he is struggling so he quit his own country. But no one those immigrants is aware of the result of such a decision… Tens of thousands of them will not reach this “Alleged Heaven” , they just drown in their way…

So , me and you and all those citizens who want to make their society a better place and fight that issue , we need to stand hand by hand to make a change by organizing awareness campaigns and press briefing hoping that we can exclude defiantly the whole mentality of illegal immigration. We need to encourage and urge young people to participate in association and organizations so that they can have opportunities to visit foreign countries and why not change their whole opinion about leaving Tunisia.
We can take as an example our association, “the will “is an active association which gave all their members including us the chance to participate in exchanges and forums in Germany, Palermo and others foreign countries. Through our participation we figure out that visiting such places can be interesting and useful but only if you have suitable conditions such as money , people who rap you , permission from the destination country ect .. Which means if all those conditions are absent your heaven will transforms to a real prison..

Besides, an effective fight against illegal immigration requires good cooperation and exchange information between public authorities both at national and international level.

To put it all in a nut shell, we need to stand together against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION …