Siliana is an internal region that lacks projects to support the youth, that’s why implementing a volunteering project will encourage its youth to help improving the city and the governorate as a whole. This project will involve many social and cultural activities, such as cleaning the city, visiting sick people in hospitals, raising money for the needy, organizing awareness campaigns etc. It will plan cultural activities like movie projections, book discussions, musical events, lectures from specialists in different domains and many other events of different genres. Further, volunteers will teach debating to pupils and provide guidance for them especially during national exams.
Students who go to study in Siliana can be a great help through joining the volunteering activities, they are there to stay for at least 3 years and they need to participate in activities outside the university ,also it’s a good way to eliminate regionalisme. Students coming from outside Siliana can make cultural presentations about their home towns and they can contact associations and organizations to cooperate with the project.
This project can start in the internal region of Siliana and spread later on to the other regions in Tunisia. Indeed what small regions need most urgently is volunteer work.
Siliana Volunteers is for a creative, active and committed youth in Siliana