Motion: Tunisian Youth should take an active role in their local communities and contribute in making it a better place.

The main objective of the challenge is to find ideas for how each YAV club selected to participate in the boxing days find concrete ideas addressing an issue in their local communities (Regions, Sub-region…). Each participant should come up with innovative ideas through a research that they should undertake on the ground. Each club will apply as his own club and not as a person, and then they should submit their application before the 31st May 2015 23:59 GMT+1 made of:

  1. Video documentary, 2 minutes length (120 Seconds)
  2. An article describing the main idea of the project and the concrete solutions (According to the structure in the how to apply section).
  3. A group picture of the team and the project title.

Each team will have the chance to present only one idea. From the 01st June 2015 until the 07th June 2015 the voting will start online on the website of IIDebate. Every team will have to promote its idea and people will rate online through a voting system. In the end of the 08th June 2015 IIDebate will show how many votes each team got.

3 Winners team will pass to the final where they will have to present their ideas in front of the Judges in The Boxing Day on the second day at 02 PM. IIDebate will invite as judges decision makers to take part of the competition who has a real relation with youth issue as (UNESCO, Ministry of youth, NGOs, Private Sector companies, MEDIA…_)

Know more about the WHO the WAY and the HOW

How they can apply?

Any club eligible to apply can send the following documents before the 30th May 2015 at 08:00PM Tunisian time to and

1. Documentary video no more then 2 minutes presenting the idea and the work of the team participating in the competition.

Tips for the video:

10 sec presenting the region where the project will be made
20 sec presenting the work that you all did before
30 sec presenting the interviews that you made with some people from your community
50 sec presenting the whole ideas and what you want to achieve
10 sec conclusion and the team who worked on the project

2. Article that will be submitted with the video:
Three sentences about the activities that you did and why did you choose this region

Paragraph about the research that you made and the target that you choose
Paragraph about the conclusion that you came up with and the solutions that you saw more
important in this community based on your work
Few sentences concluding the article

3. Photos / Full Names / Small Biography of all the team who worked in the project

Who will be the winning team?

In the end of the competition we will have 3 shortlisted teams and 2 on the waiting list that should also prepare for their speech. The qualified teams will present their project on the second day of the Boxing Days. 2 participants from the debate club will be attributed 5 minutes to convince the judges of their project idea. The judges may ask question to ask for clarifications and challenge the teams.

Please note that if the team is qualified to the finals of KP English, they will be automatically not eligible to continue with the challenge.

Good luck!

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Any YAV debate club selected to participate in the boxing days can be part of the IIDebate Challenge

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