During the past years, the educational system in Tunisia and the arab world is dropping due to lack of entertainment from the decision makers and the non-care behavior of the youth.

Despite the fact that many NGOs, clubs and international organization got launched in the country after the Arab spring, youth are not really involved in the public life especially in the interior and rural regions.

IIDebate believes that dialogue and communication are the best way to make people care about their communities. In addition, the only community who will make youth care is the youth themselves.

The International Institute of Debate is honored to introduce you to

IIDebate Challenge under the name of “Tunisian Youth Cares”.

The main idea of the challenge is to make youth of our community more involved in the public life through projects creation. I.I.Debate in partnership with NGOs will launch each period of time a challenge under a specific motion regardless to issues in which we are living and youth should make teams of 5 or 6 people to work on the challenge and enter the competition with their projects.


Video documentary which doesn’t go over 2 minutes length (120 Seconds)


An article composed by the ideas that this club would like to do: the article must be written in English (According to the structure in the how to apply section).

Name + pictures of the team who worked on the project.

Each team will have the chance to present only one idea after filling out the application form according the competition criteria. The voting will start online on the website of IIDebate. Every team will have to promote its idea and people will rate online through a voting system. In the end of the voting deadline IIDebate will show how many votes each team got.

3 Winners team will pass to the final where they will have to present their ideas in front of the Judges during a national/international competition. IIDebate will invite as judges decision makers to take part of the competition who has a real relation with problematic introduced in the motion.