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moment when Colonel Steele was attacked by Boraer and Varella. The huge pull of the Tank PMI Certification insects will be flying to his flying in the air, slightly scared of Colonel Carmel, the mind appeared a trace of shaking. Experienced Master Walson, like a ghost, appeared behind Colonel Carmel. His epic level dagger, quietly on the Colonel Carmel wrench. Reality is not a game, the effect of wiping throat is not Diaoxie, but the real death. Colonel Carmel, who was wiped out of the throat, seemed to want to PMP it exam be struggling, but it PMP was no avail. Its pulling insects physical tough, even if the neck off, temporarily will not die. Even if the timely treatment, it may also be able to continue up, Enron recovered. But, Walson s master s dagger above, smeared his deadly fatal poison. This poison was poisoned by Onyxia, and eventually led to the death of Onyxia. Even after the legendary dragon in the strokes will be seriously injured, a district of its insects insects, how can we resist this terrible poison Walson master quietly disappeared in place, into.the pull of its combat tanks. Then, the pull of the tank into the depths of the ground, toward a safe place away. South of the direction of four thousand two hundred meters, Colonel Fenlier. The strength of the three Colonel is almost the same, but the strength of the three beheaded team, but it is a gap. Third team, all the forgotten high level professional configuration, extremely powerful configuration. Sean thought that such a conf

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