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is a strange two cities for a long time not to communicate, and are in the degree of people. One by one is the law of the chapter as a priceless treasure, pulled tightly. Do not under.stand the opposite Microsoft Certification situation, there is no advance spying. Chapter 379 Thieves of the three disasters on Twinkling of an eye in the past 20 years, suddenly one day Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Lake area fantastic lake island over the clouds clouds, thunder and lightning. Thick black cloud group rolling uncertain, I do not know where to start, shrouded in a large hall cast a dark shadow. For a time this hall as if into the boundless darkness of the environment, people suffocated. Inside the hall of a room, a long bed of white men on the bed suddenly opened his eyes, like the stars like the eyes of the main hall to look at the dome. This eye seems to be able to pass through the laminated wood, glazed tiles covered the top of the building, look directly at the clouds. Eyes tight, eyebrows, such as Sichuan word, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) it exam rich male voice indifferent The mine finally came ah This person is not someone else, is a hard fishing on a closed door closed off to the present Ji Jiu ah ah. Well, mine disaster is mainly for the repair of the disaster , can not be spent in this hall, have to be moved into an empty c

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98-379 Software Testing Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)