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to all expected. Half an hour later, Fufeng City Central Square light, angel Academy of Phoenix dance Microsoft Database came, into the piece of mansion, further discussion. Soon after, the dust settles, the two major schools to reach an agreement, take what they need. Just, the angel provided the clues, just to a relic, there is full of danger, can get a big re.d sky fire is still unknown. And the cliff academy is only to give a very small ore only, from the remains of the academy, which contains only part of the colorful cents gold, not enough to create seven arrows. This is surprising, this is the smoke released by both sides, or in the mutual dismantling, do not want to keep the other secret, why so soon revealed out Shi Hao thought, it seems that he had to work hard, the future of the three thousand states war, far more than he imagined terrible, strong generation, means are amazing. Chaos flame, really exist in the world, in the state of fire it He Microsoft Database it exam whispered, thought from the mouth of the bandits get secret message, into the meditation. Soon after, a news came, angel college for all mercenary group and the major repair issued a reward, they provide a few forbidden, who can find out if there are colorful cents gold, there will be a re reported. Xian Jin location must have Microsoft Certification a secret vision, no people really mining, because it must be J

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98-364 Microsoft Database Fundamentals Microsoft Microsoft Database