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ce he did not refute, then within an hour, you can complete the most basic transformation. At that time, under the action of steam, the pumping system completely in turn, t.he entire disc teeth reservoir creatures, will feel wrong, poisonous snake temple of the gas Qi, perhaps temporarily not aware of the problem, because the snake temple, after all, too , Where the water too much, even if the change, it is difficult to Microsoft Certification note. But entrenched in the depths of the steam cave, responsible for guarding the entire steam cave Warlord Carlisle Reese, but will be aware of. Sean must be in an hour to find Carlisle, and destroy it. And then he will lead the 100 troops, secretly into the snake temple, to find Ms. Qiqi trouble. According to Krishch s guidance, Sean and Cromi together, along the thick steam pipe, toward the depths of the steam cave to go. Along the way, they killed hundreds of Naga guards. Cromi once did not shoot. Sean is now a big druid, his natural MOS it exam magic has become very strong, than the fire outside the arcane spells even stronger. But he did not cast any natural spells. He was only at the beginning, changed into a wolf MOS shape, and then swept all enemies. He turned into a white giant wolf. Height of more than two meters, the.length of more than four meters, teeth strong, sharp claws, swift and agile, jump a few meters. No Naga is his opponent, even those high level warrior level Naga guards, but also by his claws pierced the throat or

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
77-600 MCAS: Windows Vista for the Business Worker Microsoft MOS
77-601 MOS: Using Microsoft Office Word 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-602 Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-603 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-604 Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-605 MCAS: Microsoft Office Access 2007 Microsoft MOS
77-881 Word 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-882 Excel 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-883 Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 Practice Test Microsoft MOS
77-884 Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 Practice Test Microsoft MOS
77-885 MS Access 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-886 SharePoint 2010 Microsoft MOS
77-888 Excel 2010 Expert Microsoft MOS
MOS-AXP Microsoft Access 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-E2K Microsoft Excel 2000 CORE Microsoft MOS
MOS-EXP2002 Microsoft Excel 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-O2K Microsoft Outlook 2000 Microsoft MOS
MOS-OXP2002 Microsoft OutLook 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-P2K PowerPoint 2002 Core Microsoft MOS
MOS-WXP2002 Microsoft Word 2002 Core Microsoft MOS