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erson s body, so that this person has beyond the legendary level of magic. However, even if a person has a god of magic in general, if he did not correspond to the arcane magic control ability, there is no wealth of Arcane magic knowledge, can not control this powerful force, like a child, even if you Give him a half man high iron sword, he also can not, but it is likely to hurt himself. So, magic to connect this spell, MCSE: Communication can not be easy to use. Even if used, and generally only will be connected to a small number of even single digit mage.and Microsoft Certification all the Master only a small part of the mana passed to a person s body, so that he in a very short period of time, The mana. Later, this magic connection spells, was the first Tirith law guardian Aoluo Di improved, able to be someone else s magic will be permanently transferred to a person s body, so man made God Tirisian law guard Was born. Every Tirisian guardian must pass through the long teaching and assessment of all members of the Tirisan Law Council until it MCSE: Communication it exam is ensured that the guardian has a strong enough magic control, a sufficiently knowledgeable magic knowledge, and a sufficiently rich Fighting experience, will the guardian of the magic and responsibil

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-384 Recertification for MCSE: Communication Microsoft MCSE: Communication