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t, Shi Hao can not do so, do not say now become Venerable, may face the upper limit of the kill. The most important thing is that this does not conform to his belief. This practice, as Venerable, seemingly strong but everything is based on external forces, relying on the vast foundation of the stone country, if one day he lost the stone country to leave this territory, then he would like that rootless duckweed. In the next few days, the dragon gas Royal Palace more and more sacred and majestic, Shi Hao in vitro to form a layer of light curtain, into a golden day, amazing In addition, there are some dragon gas into the Emperor Yin, stored in which make it more and more translucent. In this stone, the new emperor may by virtue of.their own with the Venerable a war Peng nine secretly observed, come MCDST to this conclusion. However, Shi Hao naturally will not meet MCDST it exam and stop here, he must do everything ready, these two days have been buried in the treasure house, refining a treasure. This is a black villain, only fist big, black and ancient it name immortal gold body, if not incomplete, is the gods have to Microsoft Certification compete. Is so a treasure, then Shi Hao in the low environment, they can take this war princes. Now, in the royal

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-271 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a MS Windows XP OS Microsoft MCDST
70-272 Supporting Users and Troubleshooting Desktop Applications Microsoft MCDST