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ly, God will not be ill treated. Desolate space fortress, a corner, there is an illusory light door. This is the legendary building the door of time and Microsoft Certification space. As long as the corresponding investment stuff, you can build a one time space time door, Shawn will be sent to a similar copy of the special time and space. It is also one of the three legendary buildings that are crossing the welfare of the people who are crossing the world into the world, the space fortress given. You can only choose one of MCDBA it exam the three. Choose any one, will get the corresponding curse, which is Shawn ahead of.the cost of winning the MCDBA legendary building. Because in accordance with the normal procedures, Shawn at least have to upgrade the space fortress several levels in order to build the legendary building. Colored dragon nest to pregnant dragon, dragon beast and dragon, associated with the curse is the dragon s anger , Azeroth all the Dragon will be Shawn as rivals. Titan laboratory to study and manufacture Titan creation, Titan device, associated with the curse is the Titan penalty , any Titan will be Shawn as a sworn enemy. Time and space because of the power through time and space, naturally interfere with

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
070-447 UPGRADE:MCDBA Skills to MCITP DB Admin by Using MS SQL 2005 Microsoft MCDBA